Let’s Talk About Compression Hosiery

So you have gone to your Physicians because you are having trouble with your legs. Your Physician told you that you need to purchase some support hose.The Physician may have told you what compression of hose to purchase, depending upon the severity of your leg problem.I have outlined the various leg diseases and the compression that is generally recommended for that problem.Compression hosiery comes in 4 basic compressions; 8-15mmHg (millimeters compression mercury), 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, and 30-40mmHg. The compression is an average compression exerted at the ankle and lessens as you go down the leg towards the toes, and lessens as you go up the leg toward the heart.This is the principle behind a “gradient compression”.

All the compressions discussed here can be viewed in various styles by going to: SupportHoseStore.com

8-12mmHg and 12-16mmHg compression are used as a preventative measure to help your legs remain healthy. If you are experiencing tired, achy legs at the end of the day, this compression may be for you.

15-20mmHg and 16-20mmHg compression is a moderate medical compression. If you have mild varicose veins, minor swelling or edema, or post-sclerotherapy, this compression may be the compression of choice for you.

20-30mmHg is a firm compression and your doctor is normally the person to make the decision that you need this compression. If you have moderate varicose veins, moderate edema, post-sclerotherapy, post-surgical or have had a healed venous ulceration, then this compression may be for you.

30-40mmHg compression is an extra firm compression.If you have severe varicose veins, severe edema, lymphatic edema, active venous ulcerations, manifestations of PTS (post-thrombotic syndrome); CVD/CVI (Cardio-vascular disease/insufficiency); orthostatic hypotension; Post-surgical or post-sclerotherapy then your physician may recommend this compression for you. These are general recommendations. Your physician is your best source for information.

There are higher compressions that may be recommended by a Physician.We, at supporthoseplus.com, require a doctor’s prescription for a higher compression or for a “custom hose” that is design just for you.

The reason for the maximum compression at the ankle is simply; you want to have a gradient compression hose which stimulates the blood flow towards the heart.If the compression were the same all the way up the hose, then we would not have the stimulation of the blood flow.The hose work with the muscles in your legs and the valves in your veins to assist in pushing the blood back toward the heart.Most leg problems are caused because the valves in your veins have become damaged and do not open and close properly.This damage could have been caused by an accident, obesity, heredity, or not maintaining an active life style.Exercise, including walking is the best thing you can do for your legs.I have included pictures of what a healthy valve and a damaged valve look like.


Basically, there are four leading manufactures of support hose: Jobst, Mediven, Sigvaris and Juzo. We started our web site with just the Jobst hose, as it is the number one physician recommended hose in the USA. We now have the Mediven hose available for your review.And we will add the other manufacturers as time permits. (Vanda and I are just two people.)You can order the Sigvaris or Juzo hose by calling our toll-free number 1-844-472-8007. Each manufacturer has their unique features, such as active socks, petite hose, UltraSheers, opaque, travel, and diabetic. No matter what your size, we can fit you with the correct hose.

In addition, there are many “generic” and “private label” hose on the market.I know they cost a lot less, but is the health of your legs worth it?In my opinion by staying with one of the leading manufacturers you are getting a true “gradient compression” hose.They cost more; you only have one pair of legs so let’s try to keep your legs remaining healthy!

Vanda, and  along with our team sincerely appreciate all of your support for us. Many of our customers have ordered 10, 15 or even 20 times since we started SupportHosePlus.com nearly 5 years ago. Please feel free to call if we can assist you in any way (1-800-515-4271).

A Big Texas THANK-YOU,

The Support Hose Store Team.

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