Getting Started With Vein Therapy (Part 2) – What do I need to know about compression therapy?

How Does a Compression Stocking Work?

It is easy to explain how a compression stocking works: the pressure of the stocking constricts the diameter of the vein.The venous valves can close again, thus reducing the amount of blood flowing back down into the legs. The smaller diameter of the veins means that the blood flows more quickly again, which prevents the formation of blood clots or thrombi.

The medically prescribed drop in pressure from the foot up to the thigh accelerates the flow of blood back to the heart. When the leg is moved, the stocking forms an external barrier for the muscles, which makes for a more effective muscle-pumping action.

Wearing a compression stocking is generally a very positive feeling because wearing a correctly fitted stocking has a noticeable relieving effect and helps your legs stay healthy. If you are experiencing a venous disease always consult with your physician. Your doctor can direct you to the correct compression class.

Compression stocking lengths Depending on the location of the damage to the veins and how far it has progressed, different lengths of compressions stockings are used. The assortment ranges from knee length stockings, thigh-high stockings and pantyhose. There are special models for women, men and women whom are pregnant.
Lengths of Compression Stockings

When must compression stockings be worn?

Compression stockings should be worn for various leg problems such as spider veins, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, leg swelling, venous ulcers, and post surgical. A compression stocking must not be worn in the case of circulation disorders in leg arteries and in the case of heart complaints that are difficult to treat. Caution is also recommended in the case of sensory impairments due to diabetes and neuropathy (nerve damage).


Each and every day! There is simply no alternative if you want to achieve the best therapeutic results. Your stockings are absolutely indispensable if you stand or sit a lot. When you’re traveling, whether by car or plane, the stockings help prevent the blood clots that happen even to people with healthy veins when they are on the road. If you wear your stockings when you do your daily exercises or go for a walk, it promotes the development of muscle strength.

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