Secrets of the Best Fitters

Your day does not have to start with struggling to put on your support stockings

Your morning should not have to start like this

Support Hose Tricks We Want You to Know

We all know how much better our legs feel when we wear our support hose and how our quality of life is improved.  Your day does not have to start with struggling to put on your support stockings.

However, many of our customers confess:  “I hate to put on my support stockings because it takes so long” or “I am so tired when I finish putting on my support socks”.  Putting on your compression stockings really does not have to be such a an ordeal as our stocking donning lady appears to be experiencing.

Be sure to put your stockings on first thing in the morning before your legs and feet have a chance to swell.  If necessary, take your bath or shower the night before.  The important trick here is to make sure your legs are dry when you put your stockings on.  This means you may have to put lotion on your legs the night before also.  Let’s make this as easy a possible.

There is a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, our good friends at Jobst have gone a step further.
They have created a video which shows proper techniques of putting on your compression stockings without using any type of donning aid and how to use the Jobst Donner.  We hope this video brought to you by Support Hose Store and Jobst will make your morning more pleasant.


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  3. Why wasn’t an actual patient used in the video to demonstrate how to put on the stockings? Actual patients have significantly swollen legs and are often older inviduals who may in addition have arthritic hands.
    The ease at which the interviewer applied the stockings is very misleading given that her legs are not representative of the patient population.

    • Hello, Thank you for your comment. It would be more appropriate if the manufacturers would at least use age appropriate models. We hope someday to put out our own video with real people with real problems putting on stockings. At least with the manufacturer’s video, you can follow the steps to using their donning device.

  4. the pantyhose so far have been great O/T would be better if more colours were available. WHEAT is my wifes choice but if HONEY were available it would be great.

  5. […] those of you who wish to view a video on donning please go to Secrets of the Best Fitters on our blog, […]

  6. Hello MorningGlory!
    Are you wearing Elvarex or a ready-to-wear garments?
    Is the garment of the correct length?
    Have you tried the Mediven Plus Knee high with the silicone band on top?


  7. This is the BEST video ever! I have lymphedema, and need to wear compression knee-highs on both legs. I also have COPD, and become positively breathless at the slightest exertion. Sadly, the COPD has won out more mornings than not, and I find myself skipping the compression hose. I’ve ordered a donner, and will try the technique shown here in the meantime. Thanks so much !

    Question – I find that by day’s end the knee highs are cutting into my leg at the top, just below the knee. Any suggestions?

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