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Hello All,

I am Rod and Vanda’s son, Brent. I joined Support Hose Store 2 years ago after retiring from being an executive chef and pastry chef for 15 years. I thought it might be nice to share some of the knowledge I have gained working in the restaurant industry with our clients. Every month I will try to give a few helpful tips on making cooking quicker and easier or some great recipes I hope you all will enjoy. If you have any questions concerning any of the content in Brent’s Corner or if you have any questions about a new recipe you have seen or would like to try please feel free to sign in to our blog, leave a comment and I will be happy to help.

It is finally spring! The time of fresh baby greens, baby vegetables and berries.

Tip of the Month:
In this economy it is very important to all of us that the money we spend on groceries does not go to waste by food spoiling. To help with this it is very important not to wash your lettuces, fruits and vegetable until you are ready to use them. The additional moisture will cause all to spoil prematurely. Keep lettuce in a paper bag instead of plastic in your refrigerator’s crisper. Baby greens more often than not, when purchased at the store come a plastic tub. To keep baby greens longer, fold up a paper towel and set it on top of your greens. Be sure to change out the paper towel every few days.

We are here to Support You,

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  1. I’m not sure this is where I can ask questions regarding DVT, but I figured it’s a start.

    I have had DVT problems since my 2nd total hip replacement in Feb of 1984. My first replacemet was in Sept 1972–5 days before my 22nd birthday. I had broken my hip in a car accident, however, because I was “too young” for a total hip replacement I went 22 months with a fused ball/socket.

    Everything went great with my surgery and I was back riding horses and all the other activities I had done before I broke my hip. (Because the joint was fused and I am very fine boned they had to split the trocanter.)

    I broke out all the glue after 12 years so we had to do a replacement. This time they had to dig out all the glue and use bone grafting (from the bone bank). Well, they didn’t go deep enough so had to take everything out make it deeper and put it all back together. Thus, 7 hours on the operating table.

    Six weeks PO my leg was 26″ around my knee and I had a total occulsion of the illiac vein from the groin to my foot. My left leg was “black” and I was in big trouble.

    They were saying that my leg was going to be amputated because all the little gates in the veins were ruined. Thankfully after 16 months of being down (couldn’t sit only to eat and potty) I found a vascular Dr. at University Hospital and they got me started in water therapy and Jobst waist high socks things did real good–until I broke it out and had #3 done in 2001.

    In Oct 2005 my femur broke in half at the end of the stem of my prothesis. After a 10″ plate, screws, etc. I was back on the mend–Oct 2006 after blowing all the screws and plate they put in #4.

    My problem now is the veins down in my lower leg and foot have re-routed pretty good, but the veins in the top of my leg and groin have not done so good. My question (sorry it took so long to get to it) is–I need more pressure at the top than at the ankle. So far,
    I have not been able to find any socks that have the support up at the top. If I wear my regular Jobst etc they all loose pressure as they go up the leg.

    Is there any way I can get a pantyhose type sock that will have basically the same gradation from the foot to the waist?

    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
    It is summer and between the heat and wanting to do alot more walking my legs are not happy.

    Your articles are so informative I decided to see if you had any ideas — thanks for your time.


    • Hello Mindee,
      We can sure start here. Juzo is know for containment in severe edema and lymphedema and they do make a garment with continued compression in the thigh and abdomen. Because of its specialized nature, we do not have it on the website, but we do fit many customers in this garment. Please call Support Hose Store at 1-844-472-8807. Thanks, Vanda

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