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At Support Hose Store we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology in lymphedema and gradient compression stocking therapy for our clients.  We are excited to welcome our newest manufacturer, Jovipak to the Support Hose Store family!  Jovipak® is a leader in the field of Lymphedema Products and now owned by Jobst.

You may have read many of our Articles on Lymphedema at my blog Ask Vanda. Lymphedema can develop when the lymphatic system is disturbed and can no longer rid your body sufficiently of lymph fluid.  Lymphatic vessels cover the human body like a net.  They collect and filter waste products such as protein, metabolic waste, and inflammatory products in the body fluids.

Today, let’s focus on the effects of air travel on those with lymphedema and those who might be susceptible to lymphedema.  Air travel, including in-flight, as well as all of the walking associated with airline travel, places those with lymphedema at risk, and can also cause the onset of lymphedema in those patients who may not yet know they are at risk.  Altitude and cabin pressure can wreak havoc on the human body.  Although aircraft cabins are pressurized, while traveling at altitude, that pressure is usually much less than that on the ground.  When traveling at, say, 18,000 feet, the atmosphere in the aircraft is like being on an 8,000-foot mountain peak, causing the pressure to feel as if you are 8,000 feet above sea level.  When pressure is decreased, the air expands and occupies a greater space.  Less oxygen is absorbed into the blood at these altitudes; therefore, less oxygen is circulated throughout the body during flight.  The trigger that causes or exacerbates lymphedema is the decrease in air pressure (the force exerted on the body by the weight of the air).  In addition to air pressure, just think of the effects of inactivity on flights.  It is a well-known fact that even people with an intact lymphatic system develop swollen ankles and feet during flights.  Obviously, then, think about the effects of inactivity in addition to compromised lymphatic drainage, in addition to cabin pressure on those who already suffer from lymphedema.  This can lead to very serious consequences.  Not to mention, ruin your trip.

Compression Therapy is the most effective means to counter the effects of venous insufficiency and lymphedema.  Compression Garments increase the tissue pressure, effectively reducing the accumulation of fluids in tissues and promotes lymphatic and venous return.  Always, always wear your compression garments!  Drink lots of water, as the humidity in an airplane cabin is usually less than 20% and can cause some dehydration, which increases swelling.  C

There are many garment choices for you and your therapist in lymphedema therapy.  You are already aware that we carry daytime-specific garments such as Jobst, Mediven, Juzo, and Sigvaris.  We also carry Solaris products, Farrow Wraps, Circ-Aid, and Barton Carey.

We now have Jovipak® which offers both day and night garments – everything from custom made garments, made to fit any part of your body affected by lymphedema, ready-made (ready to ship the same day of your order) garments for any body part, and solutions for chronic venous insufficiency.  These products are known for helping to keep your body parts dry and comfortable with Polartec® Power Dry® with wicking capabilities in a silky garment.  Some even have X-Static® (a silver fiber knit into the construction of the garment) for antimicrobial effects.  The continuous flow channeling in each garment directs lymph flow to functional alternate pathways as specified by your therapist.  Wearing a better night garment, in lieu of wrapping, can significantly reduce the size of your body part affected by lymphedema.  These garments are easy to don, and much less expensive than the cost of bandages.

There are 12 Polartec® colors to choose from!  Jovipak® is a great, patient-friendly alternative to bandaging.  And so much easier to put on!

Measuring is easy and can be done by you or by your therapist.  We can assist you in your measuring!

Ready-Made Garments:

image002 image004 image006 image008 image010

Call us at 1-844-472-8807.  We can help you determine which garment would work best for you.  Sizing is easy, and we will simply require 3 measurements from you for an arm.  Measure your wrist at the smallest point, your elbow, and the axilla (Place a piece of paper under your arm and fold around.  This is where the top of your garment should be placed).  Choose between Pink and Royal Blue, with or without a black or white outer jacket. For a knee high garment, ready-to-wear, simply measure the circumference of the smallest part of your ankle, usually just above the ankle bone, the largest part of your calf, and the knee at the tibial tuberosity.  Choose between Royal Blue and Leaf Green.  A matching JoVi Safety-Sok with non-slip sole is included with each knee high order. Call us with these measurements.

Made To Order:

image012 image014
The Made-To-Order garments are standard sized Ready-Made garments with modifications made expressly for you, and can even deal directly with leg lobules and problem areas on any body part.
Every client who has purchased a Jovipak® product has considerably been reduced within days of wearing the garments.  And comfort – this is one of the most comfortable garments on the market!

Custom Made-To Measure Garments:

image008 image010 image016 image017

Jovipak® has Made-To-Measure garments available to everyone’s unique measurement needs.  For children, men, or women, they will create a precision pattern to fit any body part.

You may receive assistance in ordering any of our wonderful products we carry by calling us at  1-800-515-4271

We have certified fitters on staff to help you in determining what products would best suit your needs.  We can also assist you in placing your Jovipak® orders…even the custom orders.  Simply call 1-800-515-4271.  We look forward to hearing from you!  After all, We’re Here To Support You!