Quality of Life Enhanced by Support Hose

Merry Christmas from SupportHosePlus.com

This time of the year, stories of miracles are wonderful to hear. While what we have to share is not a miracle, being able to enjoy a better quality of life is a miracle.

We get to know a great many of our customers, they become our friends and some of them share their personal story of how support hose has changed or improved their life. This month I would like to share a couple with you. I will not share their real name, but you might see yourself in their stories.

I was at a health fair and a gentleman walked by and said he had retired about three years ago and began having symptoms of what he believed to be Restless Leg Syndrome. He continued, “I suffered tingling in my feet and legs at night, sometimes mild leg pain and general leg discomfort that made it difficult to sleep. I tried everything I could think of (even some over the counter medications) to ease the discomfort so I could get a descent nights sleep, but nothing seem to help.”

He had a pair of thigh high TEDs which were placed on his legs after surgery sometime back. He dug them out of the bottom of his drawer and started wearing them at night. The Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms went away immediately.

He continued to share, “I now wear knee high compression stockings to bed every night and no longer suffer with the leg symptoms!”

In instances such as this gentleman, we recommend starting with a low compression stocking like our Jobst SensiFoot Sock which is an 8-15 mmHg compression. If that does not help, we sometimes recommend going to a 15-20 mmHg compression. Usually the lower compression such as the SensiFoot gives the leg a gentle massage and alleviates the problematic symptoms.

A recent email I received revealed an entirely different reason our clients wear compression stockings or support hose:

“Thank you for your service to my wife and I in this past year.

I thought I would let you know the condition my wife has that causes her to need to wear your support hose. It may help you realize the diverse needs out here that your products meet.”

“We have been married 43 years. She is 64 and last year had hip surgery to address a problem caused by a bad leg fracture suffered in a ski accident at college some 45 years ago. The hip finally needed replacement. The night after her surgery she began to suffer extreme low blood pressure resulting in her fainting whenever she would stand up. After an air ambulance trip to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota she was diagnosed with “Pure Autonomic Failure”*. To address her bouts of syncopy (fainting) she was prescribed both medications and the Juzo support hose. She has tried to reduce both her use of the drugs ordered for her, and the use of the support hose, but has found that she can only keep strong both in blood pressure readings and in energy for daily living by steady use of both. This is why she wears the Juzo hose, and we are grateful we can order it from you.”

Yes, being able to enjoy a better quality of life is a miracle. If you have stories you would like to share, please send them to customerservice@supporthoseplus.com and we might choose your story to share at a later date.

While I am thinking of it, prices will increase on some support stockings in January. The increase will be up to 2-5% so order your stockings now at a savings.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Vanda, Rod, Brent and the Support Hose Plus Team

*Pure autonomic failure, or Bradbury-Eggleston syndrome, is a degenerative disorder of the autonomic nervous system (that part of the nervous system which controls the body’s organs) presenting in middle to late life, affecting men more often than women. The disorder appears to be confined to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. the symptom that usually brings patients to the physician is orthostatic hypotension, or a fall in blood pressure with standing. The orthostatic hypotension may be described as dizziness or faintness upon standing. It is worse in the morning, after meals or exercise, or in hot weather.

Remember, being compliant with wearing your Jobst, Mediven, Sigvaris, or Juzo compression stockings and support hose is the key to keeping your legs and body healthy.

Thank you for shopping with Support Hose plus


Remember Stockings make great gifts or stocking stuffers

6 Responses

  1. Excellent work. You have gained a new subscriber. I hope you can keep up the good work and I eagerly await more of your absorbing posts.

  2. I really like this blog. Please continue the great work. Regards!!!

  3. interesting to read about the gentleman who wears the knee highs to bed. I thought in the pamphlet I received with my hose that it was not advisable to wear them while sitting for long periods of time or to bed.

    • Hello Aileen,

      Good point! He is wearing an 8-15 or 12-16mmHg (not a medical grade). In fact up to a 15-20mmHg compress can be worn to bed. Sometimes a physician recommends a higher compression to be worn to bed. There should be a disclaimer, “Unless recommended by the physician.”

      It is highly recommended to wear stockings when sitting for long periods of time to prevent DVT.

      Thank-you for asking,

  4. I had a little cramping in my leg at night. I upped my water and I am now taking calcium, would I be ok to wear your support nylons I own the light, would that help if it comes back. Thanks for your news letter. Let me know if my brand goes on sale.. I still have plenty and take care of them .

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