Alternative to Bandaging for Lymphedema and Severe Edema

Caresia for Lymphedema and Severe Edema

Support Hose Plus prides itself on keeping up with the latest technology in lymphedema and edema control products for our clients. We are proud to announce the addition of Solaris Products to our product line. Caresia Bandage Liners (used for reduction during the active phase of therapy for Lymphedema and severe Edema) and Swell Spots (used for those trouble spots). We are very excited about these products. We have seen positive results when standard multi-layer bandage protocols have not succeed.

Caresia uses unique foam chips in every garment which create localized tissue pressure differential to stimulate movement of the interstitial fluid and soften tissue. We have them available in ready to wear garments for the arm (Caresia Arm Bandage Liner, lower leg (Caresia Below Knee Bandage Liner) and thigh (Caresia Thigh Bandage Liner).

The Caresia garments make bandaging easy for the inexperienced patient, decrease the stress levels, and increase patient compliance. Patients simply don the Caresia and then wrap with one layer of short-stretch bandage using spiral or figure-eight wrapping with 50% overlap. The fit of the Caresia Bandage Liners gives the patient much better agility and comfort.

Swell Spots are made similar to the Caresia using foam chips to stimulate lymphatic flow. Swell Spots are now used in problematic areas of swelling, tissue fibrosis, and contouring over and around bony prominences. Wherever there is a pocket of swelling there are Swell Spots to fit the job.

After reduction has been achieved and patient is ready for compression garments, these garments transition easily to a night time garment (eliminating lengthy night time bandaging).

Caresia garments can be washed with a normal load of clothes using laundry detergent on the permanent press cycle and dried with the same load of laundry on permanent press.

Caresia is certainly an alternative to standard bandaging with foam, stockinette, and gauze because of its comfort, ease of care and donning and agility it gives patients.

Please call one of the Certified Fitters at SupportHosePlus (1-844-472-8807) for assistance,



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  1. I Have quite a biy of swelling around my ankles I wear the support hose but was wondering if this product would be good for at night?

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