Active Socks For Life

Active Socks for Life from SupportHoseStore.comFor the Casual Walker, Weekend  Warrior, and Professional Athlete

Over the last several years, the major manufacturers, Jobst, Mediven and Sigvaris, have been developing special socks for the active person, so they can have a more active life style through exercising.  Before these socks came to the market, people with leg swelling could no longer participate in exercise programs; because of the pain they had to endure to participate in these activities.  When such a person tried to walk for 30 minutes, it would increase the swelling and the associated leg pain.

Now we have compression stockings to assist in eliminating these problems.  This is accomplished with a sock that looks like an athletic sock and not a support stocking. These socks relieve leg discomfort from tired, achy legs during and after activities.

The newest athletic socks come from Sigvaris.  Sigvaris has introduced their Sigvaris Active Athletic Recovery Socks from SupportHoseStore.comActive Therapy series of athletic socks, including the Sigvaris Recovery and the Sigvaris Performance. In order to improve their athletic performance, competitive athletes use compression on varying parts of the body, depending on the sport.  First is the Sigvaris Recovery Sock for use after athletic activities to eliminate the pain resulting from the build up of lactic-acid in the muscles of the competitive athlete or weekend warrior. The Recovery sock promotes lactic acid flush–out and, as a recovery sock, relieves delayed onset muscle soreness by increasing circulation.


Sigvaris has also brought to market the new High- Tech to be used during athletic activities, which increases oxygen to the muscle tissue as well as promotes lactic acid flush-out.  This sock should prove itself to be the superior Performance Sock. The sock comes in 20-30mmHg compression, in multiple colors.

All of these compression stockings offer gradient compression, which acts with your muscles to provide a squeeze of the venous system.  With gradient compression stockings, the compression is greatest at the ankle and lessens as you go up the leg. Your heart is a one-way muscle, which pushes the blood through the body.  Your venous system in the legs and arms has valves that are opened and closed because of the muscle system squeeze.  As this system weakens, compression assists the muscles to get the blood flow back to the heart. For the athlete or the weekend warrior the improved blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients to the muscles which assists in muscle regeneration and decreases lactic acid buildup. Of course, all of the socks are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

You can learn more about these socks by calling one of our certified fitters on our toll-free number, 1-800-515-4271



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  1. Thanks! We have a lot of 15 compression garments. Just call customer service during business hours. They will be pleased to help you find the garments you need to make your life better.

  2. Athletic Performance sock, how thick are these socks? wearing these in hot Australia how would I go with these?? they sound great ,

    • The Sigvaris Athletic Performance Sock is not a thick sock, but has padding in all the right places…like the sole of the foot and at the heel and toe protectors all these help eliminate blisters. We just saw these socks for the first time last week and we are so excited about the construction of the sock and the support for the calf and Achilles Tendon Protector which reduces vibration on vulnerable ligaments. We would definitely recommend this Performance Sock for you!

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