April is National Garden Month

Create an herb garden to enjoy being outside
Be sure to wear your support socks

Here in the Texas Panhandle it is spring. I hope you’ll are having a wonderful spring (or fall in the Southern Hemisphere). Here in Amarillo we are rocking between absolutely gorgeous days and days that have carried over from March with all the winds. We could do without the wind, but then it would not be the Texas Panhandle if the wind did not whip-up every once in a while to remind us how changeable our weather can be.
I would like to remind you that April is National Garden Month. Rod and I have our herb bed cleaned up and we are just waiting for the night time temperatures to stay warm enough so we can set out all our herbs that do not winter over. Can you guess what I am going to encourage you to do?  You are correct.  First make sure you have your compression stockings or socks on and then get out and start preparing beds for your herbs, vegetables or flowers. There is nothing more invigorating than to get out in the sun and fresh air. (Did you know your body makes vitamin D when you skin is exposed to the ultraviolet B rays in sunlight? You probably need at least 5 minutes of sun on your face, arms, back or legs (without sunscreen) two times every week. Since exposure to sunlight is a risk for skin cancer, you should use sunscreen after a few minutes in the sun, even on hazy or cloudy days.)
For those of us who do no have beds to start working, a few flower pots on the patio could yield all the wonderful scents Rod and I experience in our herb bed. I would whole heartedly suggest a walk through the nearest Botanical Garden or a wonderful walk in the park or around the lake.

Just get out and enjoy the wonderful weather. Walking is one of the best exercises.  Don’t be like the couple in the picture to the right, be sure to wear your support stockings while walking to increase your circulation and improve your leg health.

If you have a favorite garden or spring activity and would like to share it with us,
please scroll to the bottom and leave a comment as a guest.

Be sure to encourage your friends and family to enjoy a garden.

Happy Spring,

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