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We frequently receive emails from our wonderful customers sharing their life experiences with us and often times how our products have benefited them and changed their lives. Last week I received an email from Mel thanking us for helping him and with his permission I would like to share it with you.

Hi Vanda,

    I just wanted to drop a note to you about how my compression socks have greatly reduced the swelling and eliminated the leg pain I have been suffering from for years. I have been power-lifting for about 20 years. About four years ago my legs started swelling and aching after heavy workouts. Like most of my power-lifting friends, I just ignored the pain and the obvious symptoms that something was wrong with the circulation in my legs. To a power-lifter, pain just meant you were building power and is just a “natural” part of the process. A year and a half after the swelling started, the veins at my ankles started to become more visible and swollen and I started noticing that the skin tones below my knees were changing to red and even purple in areas. Eventually, the swelling would not go away completely even on days I didn’t lift heavy-the damage was done.
    Three weeks ago, I decided I had to do something about it. The swelling and pain in my legs wasImage getting so bad that I was finding it difficult to do everyday activities. I called Support Hose Plus and spoke with one of the Certified Fitters. She was very knowledgeable about the problems that I was experiencing and fit me in my first pair of Sigvaris Performance socks. I received my order in two days (amazingly fast service), started wearing my new compression socks immediately to see if they would help with the swelling and discomfort of the aching legs. All I can say is that I am simply amazed at the results. My legs are once again the right color, the spider veins at my ankles are all but gone and I have not had any leg pain for over two weeks! I have since purchased three more pair and again received them in two days (it almost seems like you shipped my order before I even placed it). To the Certified Fitter, thank you for being so helpful and knowledgeable and for getting me into my first pair of compression socks. You have changed my life! I will wear them from now on and am recommending them to all my friends and those with leg problems.

Thanks Again,

Dallas, TX

Thank you for your feed back Mel. Here is the link to the Sigvaris Performance Sock. (This is now called the Sigvaris Motion High Tech.) It is a 20-30mmHg compression sock.
We love to hear from everyone. If you would like to share your experiences with us feel free to scroll to the bottom of this blog entry, you can leave a comment as a guest.


4 Responses

  1. wow…that was a nice email, but I never receive mine that fast! Hopefully you also encouraged the individual to see a MD as the veins do not “dissappear”. This is a sign of a much deeper problem.

    • Hello Dr. M,
      You are so correct. Mel has visited with his physician about this problem and knows the support socks did not “fix” the problem and that some venous procedures will be necessary.

  2. Hi Vanda,

    I currently only wear the compression stocking on one leg due to an injury as a child. Having this stocking on that leg has saved me from several very messy issues. You see as a teenager I was riding a horse and she fell on me which caused the leg to swell. At the time not really thinking about it I kept working with a swollen leg. Later in my life a Vain blew out in my leg my car and work place looked like someone had a blood battle there. I did get to the hospital and they took care of it but that did not end it. It has happened 3 other times until the Doctor ordered the Stockings. Since that time I have been doing really good. It still scares me that it will happen again but with the stocking it has really helped me live a better life without so much fear.


    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, those large veins (whether caused by venous insufficiency or by injury) can be very dangerous. Even though they are veins and not arteries, a large amount of blood can be lost when one blows out. The stocking is a great support for enlarged veins.

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