I Don’t Need to Wear My Support Hose Any More?

I have so many customers e-mail me and tell me what good service we have provided them but, “I don’t need your support socks or support stockings any more”.  I know the daily drudgery of putting your garment on is not pleasant  but I accept it as a part of my life. I would be thrilled for them but, I know in most instances the problem has not gone away. The evil monster “edema” has in some way been hidden away. If you have had a vein stripping or venous closure, why did you get the varicose veins in the first place? Has that problem been eradicated or is it still present waiting to create more varicose veins?

If you bought stockings just for foot or knee surgery to keep the swelling down, has all the edema gone away or are you experiencing the edema on days when you are on your feet too long. The compression garments would be of great help to keep the edema under control on those really busy days.

If your physician requested you to wear 20-30mmHg compression, perhaps stepping back to 15-20mmHg compression would give your legs that little bit of extra support to keep them feeling great all day.

“Walk, walk, walk” is some of the best advice I can give you. Walking stimulates that calf pump that helps that blood get back to the heart. If you wear your support socks while you walk, that calf pump is enhanced. Walking also helps you maintain a healthy weight which keeps your legs healthy.

Let us help you find a way to put your support hose on

Your day does not have to start with struggling to put on your support stockings

If you are still struggling getting the compression socks or compression stockings on, take a look at our stocking donners and doffers. Support Hose Plus has stocking donners for everyone! Be sure to watch our website…our most popular donner, the Doff N’ Donner will be back soon!

So get those support stockings or support socks out of the dresser drawer and get them on your legs and get moving.

Please call one of the SupportHosePlus.com Certified Fitters for assistance with the selection and ordering of stocking donners.