Doff N’ Donner is Back

Doff N Donner Bladder Pole and Box

Doff N Donner Bladder, Pole and Box

 The first step in being compliant with your physician’s orders to wear compression stockings is to be able to get them on. The Doff N’ Donner products are the easiest to use for self donning (helping you remain as independent a possible) as well as for a caregiver to assist you. Support Hose Plus is very excited that we have these products from Doff N’ Donner back on our website. Can you tell this is my favorite donner? The Doff N’ Donner is a revolutionary donner and doffer which can be used on knee high and thigh high garments using a very simple principal. The compression stocking (closed or open toe) is applied to the cone or your arm.  The Donner, a toroid or torus (an infinitely shaped water bladder or balloon that works by inverting on itself), is placed on the cone or your arm and the support stocking is rolled around the doughnut shaped donner. The stocking is then simply rolled onto the leg.

Check out how to use the cone and bladder. When you finish simply close the YouTube video tab and you should return to this email. The Cone and the Bladder are sold separately. They can be used with open toe or closed toe garments.

Doff N Donner Runway

Doff N Donner Runway

Now that you have seen how to use the Doff N’ Donner Pole and Bladder to get the stocking ready for donning, see how easy donning can be accomplished. It is so easy a six year old girl can do it! This is the second video on the page.

We have added another great product from this company, the Doff N Donner Runway.  See how the Runway can enable you to complete your donning by yourself. In fact I received a note from a customer today saying she thought this product was amazing and she thought it should be included with all orders of support hose.

 If you are having donning issues, this is the go to product to enable you to be compliant with your physician’s orders. Please call one of our Certified Fitters for assistance with this order at 1-800-515-4271.

Support Hose Plus has always been proud to offer you superior products at the lowest price possible. We are very proud to offer you JobstMediSigvarisJuzo, and Therafirm  We look forward in the future to offer other superior products for daily living and leg health.

Here is to your leg health,

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