Why Do My Socks Wrinkle At the Ankles?

We have had a few more questions asked of us and I would like to share the answers with you.

I have seen socks with and without a silicone band. What is the advantage of a silicone band?Relief KHOT with Sil Band

A silicone band is very important when we are fitting people who are very small or do not have a calf muscle which creates a “shelf” for the top of the stocking to sit on. Some people are a bit larger, but do not have a firm tissue response. Their support stockings or support socks will tend to roll and cut into the soft tissue. The silicone band enables the stocking or sock top to grip the leg and remain in place. The same principal works on the thigh high stocking or thigh high socks (it may be a silicone dot band, silicone strips, or SensiNova Grip-top band).

wiping silicone band with alcohol smallIf you are wearing a garment with any silicone band, be sure you clean the band weekly with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.

  • Sometimes you will get a body protein and lotion (accidental application) build up on the silicone band (even if you wash these garments every night).
  • Take a wash cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol and wipe only the silicone dots or silicone strips. This could be done weekly
  • This will restore the tackiness of the silicone.

How long should I wear my stockings each day? Should I wear them at night?

I tell my clients, “Unless your physician tells you otherwise, wear your stockings from the time you get up until the time you go to bed.” If you are one of those people who start swelling as soon as you put your feet on the floor, I advise you take your bath or shower before you go to bed. That way you can put your stockings on before you get out of bed. This will help you control your swelling during the day. You might also take several breaks during the day and put your feet above your heart, this also helps to control your swelling.

WrinkledSocksMy socks stayed up when I first got them and now they slip down and wrinkle at the ankles which hurts, what is wrong?
You can expect to adjust your support hose or support socks two or three times a day. This is normal. When you pull them up, do not pull from the top of the sock (you are just stretching the top of the garment and they will soon return to where they were). You should fold them down in half, insert your thumbs and give them a good tug, then ease the rest of the stocking up.

If you have not lost weight recently, one of the following may answer your question.

1. The socks are past their prime and need to be replaced. The elastin in support socks usually last 4-6 months; when they get easier to put on, it is time to replace them.

2. They are not being washed after each wearing. When compression socks are manufactured, they are put on a board and they are passed through a steam chamber to fix the size (a procedure called boarding). Your stockings need to be washed after each wearing. I recommend washing in the washing machine at 105 degrees in a lingerie bag then drying in the dryer on low setting (if you have no silicone band on the top of the garment). The heat restores the memory of the yarn.

3. Even if you have not lost weight, be sure to check your measurements. Your legs could be doing better and you need a smaller size. Take your measurements 1st thing in the morning and call one of our Certified Fitters on our toll-free number,  1-800-515-4271 for assistance.



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