Add Some Jazz To Your Step

Add Some Jazz To Your Step

We have some wonderful Juzo® products that we have not talked about for awhile. Some of you may not be familiar with these products. So I thought I would review their attributes. Juzo® offers high quality products for both men and women who suffer from venous disease or lymphedema. Julius Zorn founded the company in 1912 and dealt with personal medical problems similar to Juzo’s clients today. It was his belief that the medical garments should not hinder a person’s ability to enjoy life that led him to create compression products and to their motto “Juzo Freedom in Motion”.


Juzo Silver Sole Socks – Made with X-STATIC® Silver Fibers (Anti-microbial)

  • 12-16 mmHG unisex fit by shoe size
  • Available in – anklet, crew length, and knee high
  • Pillowed Sole adds cushion to reduce blisters and callous buildup
  • Mid-foot compression to prevent sock bunching
  • Athletic Sock, Diabetic Sock, or Trucker Sock (someone with no indications of swelling.

Why not add some jazz to your step or to the step of a special someone.