About Vanda Lancour, CFm

Vanda has worked in the medical profession for over 40 years. She is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter as well a being Certified as a Fitter by Sigvaris, Juzo, Mediven, Circaid, Jobst and Elvarex. She has been a Certified Fitter for over eighteen years. She and her team of Certified Fitters work very hard to make sure you are in the correct garment for your body style, diagnosis and desire of your physician.

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  1. My doctor recommended a compression wrap for a baker cyst behind my knee. I tried several things and nothing will stay in place. Recently, I was measured for thigh high compression stockings. So far they have been very comfortable, but I am having trouble with them rolling, and once they start it never stops. I am having to take frequent breaks to go to the locker room to pull them back up. I don’t think the waist-high would be an option. I have never liked wearing support hose because they are not comfortable. I am overweight and the proportions never seem to work for me. The waist is too binding and they chafe my inner thighs. Also, they never seem to stay up. Any suggestions? Do they make a garter belt to hold them up? I saw an adhesive on your site…. is that what it is for? If so, how well does it work? This is very frustrating. The instructions that came with the thigh high stockings are just pictures, no words. Maybe I’m just not using them correctly.

    • Hi! I am sorry you are having so much trouble. Sounds like we need to talk to you so we can try and help. Please call one of our Certified Fitters at 1-844-472-8807.

  2. Had a DVT and found that I have venuous insufficiency as well as an inherited blood disorder. The surgeon did the Doppler to confirm that both legs have considerable valve problems and has suggested a “Vnus” procedure to laser shut some of the valves to alleviate the swelling and pain. Will this procedure cause another DVT? Surgeon said he has done this procedure on many high risk patients with success; I may have to use levonox injections for several days and then go back on my Xarelto. I’m afraid to make a decision. the Sigvaris thigh highs help a lot but not totally.

    • Many patients have laser procedures to close veins because the valves have become incompetent. There is always a slight risk of a DVT, but there is probably a higher risk of DVT if you do not have the procedure done. Lovonox injections as a preventative measure after these procedures are normal. Then you should be able to wear your Sigvaris thigh highs and not have any pain or swelling. I wish you the best in your decision making process. Let me know how it all goes

  3. Dear Vanda,
    I need thigh high compression hose due to my varicose veins and CVI. I have worn 30-40 compression knee highs for 15 years, but the doctor says I need thigh high hose. I tried the jobst thigh high with the silicone band, but my thighs are too large and the band rolls down. I also tried the panty hose, but they will not work at all. *I am interested in trying the thigh high with the attached waist (jobst or mediven). ** If I order a left leg and a right leg, will I put on the left leg/attached waist and then put on the right leg/attached waist and be earing two attached waists or do I put on the left leg, then the right leg with one attached waist? ***I wouldn’t mind wearing two attached waists if they are lightweight and comfortable. I think putting on two separate legs would be much easier with less pressure on my varicose veins and arthritic hands. I like the fabric of the jobst opaque for softness and to hide skin discoloration due to poor circulation. I’m not sure what the mediven relief fabic is like. My measurements are: ankle – 8 1/2″ – 9″; calf – 16 1/2″; thigh – 30″ and length – 33″. I like the natural beige color. I would also like the closed toe if it is available. Can you help me?

    • Hello Nancy,
      Thanks for leaving your message. The 30-40mmHg stockings are entirely different to get on than any other compression. The chaps (Relief or Plus) only come in a very heavy fabric. It is not soft like the Opaque. If you were to order a left and a right separately, you would be wearing two waist bands. I would have thought the panty hose would be more appropriate especially the Opaque. Did you try using our Sigvaris donning gloves? I call them my magic green gloves. I could not get my 20-30 panty hose on with out them. Please call one of our Certified Fitters on our toll-free number, 1-844-472-8807 to order.

  4. I have been having aches and cramping in legs. GP sent me to neurologist. Three or four medications that didn’t work I followed up with vascular surgeon. They scheduled a Doppler ultra sound and confirmed venous reflux. He prescribed 20/30 thigh length compression stockings. I have tried sigvaris and jobst and both slide and the band is irritating. Would it be safe to try a pantyhose style? This is all kind of new to me. I have been measured twice by the doctors staff and at the pharmacy staff. Just need some advice or tips. The compression has been the biggest relief so far and I have been compliant. Just want to find something a little more comfortable.

    • Hi Chris,
      There is nothing more irritating than to have your thigh high stockings fall down around your ankles. The pantyhose are a safe alternative to the thigh high stockings. Make sure you are in a proper fitting garment. Just call our customer service at 1-800-515-4271 with your measurements and one of our Certified Fitters will be pleased to assist you in the fit of a garment. If you wish to remain in the thigh high stocking, there are two styles that will stay up better. The Sigvaris EverSheer and Sigvaris Soft Opaque 20-30 mmHg Thigh High Support Hose with Fashionable Sensinnov™ top. The Sensinnov Band is a sticky band. It is the only one I can wear.
      Keep up the good work and stay compliant. Your legs just feel so much better with the stocking.

  5. I must wear 30/40mmHg compression pantyhose and am compliant. They are prescribed by my GP. When it is very hot, I recently started to wear them with shorts. Being a guy I notice some people staring at me and having a joke about it. Am I breaking any laws for showing my legs off in this way (in North America) or must I just put up with the heat to avoid the unwanted attention? I live in Canada.

    • Hi John,
      We have many guys that wear a sheer stocking (pantyhose or thigh high) with shorts..especially in Florida on the golf courses where we have a lot of retirees. Don’t worry about it. You are smart in wearing the stockings to make your legs feel better and smart to want to stay cool. Vanda

  6. Other than Sigvaris (which I love) as a sheer support stocking, I have knowledge of Jobst stockings being used post-op to prevent DVT’s. I have numerous broken spider veins in my legs, beginning at my knees and running to my ankles(inherited this from Mom). Although my dermatologist has been injecting these veins for years, new ones will always develop. Do you have any suggestions as to whether I should consider another brand or type of stocking? Honestly, I don’t wear them unless I’m dressing for special occasions. Thanks!

    • Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. All of the major manufacturers, Jobst, Medi, Sigvaris, and Juzo are used post-op to prevent DVT’s. However, many hospitals use TEDS (the white stockings with the peep hole in the toe. The really smart patient will tell their physician that they are bringing their own stock (thigh high open toe) to be put on them after surgery. Once a patient is able to get out of bed, even to go to the bathroom they should be wearing gradient compression stockings.
      The spider veins do come back very easily after injection, especially if you do not wear support stockings all the time. I wear my support stockings every single day from the time I get dressed until I go to bed at night. My legs just feel so much better and they have made my osteoarthritis in my knees more tolerable. If the stocking you are wearing fits you correctly and keeps you from swelling, then you are in the correct stocking. Remember to do their job; the stockings should be worn daily and not just for dress.

      • My legs don’t swell, just have problems with spider veins. Any research showing support hose help spider veins? Will try to wear them more often, but summertime in Florida is brutal. Thanks

      • Spider veins are small varicose dilations of the veins in the skin and do not seem to be very important. They are a bit unsightly, but can signal a need to wear compression stockings to prevent large varicose veins.
        Venous disease (disease of the veins) is generally progressive and may not be prevented entirely. However, in some cases, wearing support hosiery and maintaining normal weight and regular exercise may be beneficial.

  7. I would like to wear sandles during the summer months and when I am traveling to a warm vacation spot. What alternatives are available? I am wearing compression stockings 8-15mmg

    • Hello,
      Thanks for contacting SupportHoseStore.com and askvanda.com. I assume you are looking for a nice open toe stocking in the 8-15 mm Hg compression. Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers make an open toe stocking in this compression. If you are wearing the 8-15 mmHg for travel, you might want to think about stepping up to the 15-20 to protect your legs from DVT when you travel. Most of the manufacturers have an open toe stocking available in the 15-20 compression. If you have trouble finding them, please feel free to call customer service at 1-844-472-8807 for assistance. Thanks, Vanda

  8. Vanda-I had a toe joint replacement two years ago and the foot surgeon recommended I wear compression hose to keep the swelling down while I am on my feet (all day). The problem is that I can’t get hose that don’t roll down at the top…I wear the knee high version in a 15-20mmg or 20-30 on occasion. Any ideas?

    • Hi Debbie – We assume you are wanting a knee high stocking. There a lot of knee high stockings which will work for you. First thing is we need to find a stocking which is truly your size and length. One suggestion is a 20-30 compression with a silicone band. Why don’t you take your measurements then call call 1-844-472-8807. Our customer service rep will have knowledge which can help you find a garment which will be a good fit. Vanda

  9. Vanda I have brand new 30/40 Mediven panty hose and while I was adjusting them I put my finger through. Is there some techniqe for darning or repairing them? I don’t want it to get any worse, so I quit wearing them. I have other ones, that also developed runs, these are new and are the best fitting.
    I have a small fortune invested in compression hose and am trying my best to be conservitive. REPAIR & RECYCLE 🙂 is the new slogan at our house!
    Thank You! Sincerely April

    • Hi April,
      Depends on where the hole is located. First a tiny bit of clear nail polish. Yes, the old stand by. Then if it is somewhere unnoticable a little stretch stitch to close the hole might be good.

  10. Why is it suggested NOT to wear suppose while sleeping?
    Also does compression on the legs lead to veins being more prominant in the head ( the bluish veins next to the eyes/temple area) ?

    • Hello and thank you for your comment.
      You can sleep in some compression stockings. 8-15 and 15-20 are acceptable. These are the approximate compression of the anti-embolism stockings they put on you in the hospital. Sleeping in compression stockings above 15-20 compression should be done only at a physicians order. Vanda

  11. Would you please explain the compression numbers. I have Neurocardiogenic syncope and have been told to get TEDS, but have read that waist- high hose are better for this condition.

    Your comments please.

    Joni Mackey

    • Hi Joni,
      Thank you for your comment. The TEDS you were told to get are about a 12-16 compression and are made for people who are in bed. Once a patient is up moving around, a gradient compression garment is needed. TEDS come in all lengths, knee high, thigh high as well as waist high. For your diagnosis, I would recommend you stare with a mild medical compression which is 15-20 mmHg compression. A knee high garment would not be effective. A thigh high or waist high garment is appropriate. Try the 15-20 mmHg compression to start (this would be the equivalent of the TEDS). If this is not adequate, then a 20-30 may be more appropriate. Remember, your physician should always be consulted.

  12. I’ve been advised to wear support hose. I get some swelling around my ankle in the left leg. I’ve had pulmonary embolisms twice. Clots sluffing from my leg. My lower leg has dark veins and is ugly. I am on blood thinners for an artificial valve in my heart. I don’t know what to buy. I’ve never been told I have any disease in my legs or at least I’ve never heard of a label put on what I have. Can you help?

    • Hello,
      My first instinct is to tell you to call your physician to make sure of the compression he wants you to wear. I would suggest, with out any other health issues, a 20-30 mmHg compression support hose may be adequate and without know more of your physical attributes (height, weight, ankle and calf size) I cannot recommend a sock that would be appropriate for you. Also do you have any varicose veins, discoloration or anything not normal in the upper leg? Please call one of our Professional, Certified Fitters for assistance. Thank you, Vanda

  13. I don’t understand the assumption regarding the compression socks wearing out in 4 to 6 months. Is there any where on the website that the assumption is explained? For example, I expect that if I purchased
    a pair of compression socks and they sat in the package from the store for six months that they would still be like new when opened. Is this correct? Or, if Ii purchased seven pairs of socks and changed each day, that the socks would wear longer than if I wore the same pair every day. Is this correct?

    Larry Coons 8/19/09

    • Hi Larry,

      You are correct. One pair should last 4-6 months. Additional pairs would extend the length of time before you re-order. Compression socks just sitting in the box do have a very long shelf life. If your compression socks become easier to put on, it is time to re-order.

      Thanks, Vanda

  14. I need help finding compression hose for my dad. We are looking for knee high length. I have purchased the men’s Jobst in medium compression in a size small, and they fit snug on the foot, however, they are not snug in the calf. He does have very skinny legs, so I was wondering if there is a brand that comes in extra small. Thanks.

    • Hello Jeanne,
      Please take measurements on your father in the morning and call one of our fitters at 1-844-472-8807 so that we can help you choose a garment appropriate for him. Thanks Vanda

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