February Is American Heart Month

Time has really slipped away from me this year. Here we are at the end of February and I am just reminding you that February is American Heart Month.

The adult heart weighs about 10.5 ounces, yet it is the strongest muscle in the body. It pumps 5000 – 6000 quarts of blood through the body each day!

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. Approximately every 25 seconds an American will have a coronary event. Heart disease is preventable and controllable. Most insurance companies cover the cost of screening for heart disease. I encourage you to visit your primary care physician to be checked out and then start a new journey to better health…one step at a time. Walking is one of the best exercises for your heart health as well as the health of your legs. So, perhaps we should all make sure we have our support socks on and get out and take a nice walk one step at a time.

Sigvaris Active Athletic Recovery Socks from SupportHoseStore.com
Sigvaris Recovery Sock

As for me, when I go for a walk, I love to wear the Sigvaris Recovery Socks. SIGVARIS combines its medical and manufacturing expertise to develop the new 15-20mmHg Athletic Recovery Sock for Men and Women. It is designed to keep the athlete cool, dry and comfortable, the SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock uses patented Dri-Release® fibers for superior moisture management and latex-free yarns with an embedded Freshguard® treatment that virtually eliminates odors. This sock is very soft and natural to the touch, has extra padding in the foot for added comfort and dries 4 times faster than cotton. While this sock was designed for the athlete, it still is a great sock for those of us who just don’t come up to the title of “athlete”.They fit great an help get that lactic acid out of the muscle so the calf does not get sore.

What socks do you wear when you go out walking?

Here’s to a healthy journey for all of us,


Here’s to Happy Feet

The yarns socks are made of is not something we think about very often; however, the right socks make our feet feel good and when our feet feel good, we feel so much better! Our feet are big sweaters (not the kind you wear in the winter)! There are 250,000 sweat glands found on each foot and can generate between one half and one cup of liquid a day!

Now, our task with compression socks (support socks, support stockings, compression hose, compression stockings or whatever you wish to call them) is to wick this moisture away from the feet so they do not become soggy and damp. Soggy skin becomes compromised faster than dry skin.

You would think natural fibers such as wool and cotton would be great. Some diabetics think the only sock they can wear is a cotton sock, but for the most part this is not true. Cotton is in a lot of less expensive socks. It absorbs a lot of moisture, but it loses all of its insulating ability when wet, takes forever to dry (does not wick moisture away from the feet), and sags and bunches when wet (not good for compression socks). Socks with high cotton content should usually be avoided.

Wool manages moisture well, wicks moisture away from the feet, provides good padding and warmth, and can absorb up to a third of its weight in water without feeling damp or losing much of its insulating ability. However, wool is also less durable than most synthetic materials, and does not hold its shape well.

Nylon and polyester seem to be some of the most durable of the yarns. When your very favorite sock wears out, it is the nylon threads that are holding the sock together. These threads actually absorb very little of the moisture, dry quickly and help give the sock form. The nylon and polyester yarns do not move the moisture, but the manufacturers use coatings to enable the fibers to wick moisture away from the feet.

Acrylic is another commonly used synthetic material. It closely approximates the plushness of wool, while offering the increased durability of a synthetic. Other materials used include Lycra Spandex or Elasthan, which provide the hugging elastic. None of the synthetic yarns contain latex.

Polyamide is a term often seen in the yarns of many socks. Polyamide is the basic fiber forming substances for nylon fiber. To make it simple when you come down to it nylon is a polyamide.

Many of our new garments are now knit of a patented blend of synthetic and natural fiber that accelerate the wicking action. Dri-Release® is one of these. It feels like cotton. Dri-Release® actually pushes the moisture to the outside of the garment. Tests show it dries four time faster than cotton . This yarn is the preferred performance yarn for athletes.

Most compression socks and compression stockings are made of nylon or polyamide and Elasthane. Here are a few examples:

Jobst UltraSheer 20-30
Jobst UltraSheer
73% Nylon
27% Elasthan
Medi Sheer and Soft 20-30
Sheer and Soft
55% Polymide
45% Elasthane
Medi for Men 20-30
Mediven forMen
71 % Polyamide
29% Elasthane
Sigvaris Diabetic 18-285
Sigvaris Diabetic
67% DirRelease
26% Nylon
7% Spandex
Jobst forMen Casual 20-30
Jobst forMen Casual
46% Nylon
35% Polyester
14% Elasthan
5% Wool
Jobst ActiveWear 20-30
Jobst ActiveWear
100% Dri-Release
Sigvaris Performance 20-30
64% Supima
28% Nylon
8% Spandex
Activa Coolmax 15-20
Activa Coolmax
60% Acrylic
33% Nylon
7% Spandex
Jobst Opaque 20-30
Jobst Opaque
78% Nylon
22% Elasthane
Sigvaris Outdoor Performance 20-30

Coming Soon!!


Sigvaris Outdoor
67% Morino
26% Nylon
7% Spandex

In conclusion a compression garment with high contents of synthetic fibers will tend to provide longer wear and better wicking action. Many of the socks have a combination of yarns with small percentages of cotton or wool for added loft to provide better padding. With so many yarns to choose from, there is truly a garment to make everyone’s feet happy!

Here’s to happy feet,

Compression Helping Athletes from www.SupportHosePlus.com

We frequently receive emails from our wonderful customers sharing their life experiences with us and often times how our products have benefited them and changed their lives. Last week I received an email from Mel thanking us for helping him and with his permission I would like to share it with you.

Hi Vanda,

    I just wanted to drop a note to you about how my compression socks have greatly reduced the swelling and eliminated the leg pain I have been suffering from for years. I have been power-lifting for about 20 years. About four years ago my legs started swelling and aching after heavy workouts. Like most of my power-lifting friends, I just ignored the pain and the obvious symptoms that something was wrong with the circulation in my legs. To a power-lifter, pain just meant you were building power and is just a “natural” part of the process. A year and a half after the swelling started, the veins at my ankles started to become more visible and swollen and I started noticing that the skin tones below my knees were changing to red and even purple in areas. Eventually, the swelling would not go away completely even on days I didn’t lift heavy-the damage was done.
    Three weeks ago, I decided I had to do something about it. The swelling and pain in my legs wasImage getting so bad that I was finding it difficult to do everyday activities. I called Support Hose Plus and spoke with one of the Certified Fitters. She was very knowledgeable about the problems that I was experiencing and fit me in my first pair of Sigvaris Performance socks. I received my order in two days (amazingly fast service), started wearing my new compression socks immediately to see if they would help with the swelling and discomfort of the aching legs. All I can say is that I am simply amazed at the results. My legs are once again the right color, the spider veins at my ankles are all but gone and I have not had any leg pain for over two weeks! I have since purchased three more pair and again received them in two days (it almost seems like you shipped my order before I even placed it). To the Certified Fitter, thank you for being so helpful and knowledgeable and for getting me into my first pair of compression socks. You have changed my life! I will wear them from now on and am recommending them to all my friends and those with leg problems.

Thanks Again,

Dallas, TX

Thank you for your feed back Mel. Here is the link to the Sigvaris Performance Sock. (This is now called the Sigvaris Motion High Tech.) It is a 20-30mmHg compression sock.
We love to hear from everyone. If you would like to share your experiences with us feel free to scroll to the bottom of this blog entry, you can leave a comment as a guest.


Wear the Right Socks or Stockings with the Right Shoes

Socks are high on the list of everyday items we take for granted. Socks can make a huge difference in the health and comfort of everyday life. Socks and stockings can make a difference to not only to those with venous insufficiency, but also to those with diabetes and arthritis. People who wear the wrong socks can develop blisters, infections, and a bundle of assorted other maladies of the foot. Compression socks and stockings have many properties to keep the foot healthy; including increasing the circulation and keeping the feet dry. All have moisture–wicking ability. They wick the moisture from the inside of the sock to the outside to keep the foot nice and dry. Many socks have extra padding and cushioning which decreases shear and friction to the foot.

There has been a great misconception that cotton socks were best for the feet, but several studies have shown that although the cotton absorbs the moisture well, cotton does not wick the moisture away from the foot. Cotton when wet, looses its cushion, stretches out, and wrinkles causing blisters. More durable synthetic blended fibers wick moisture away from the foot and maintain the cushioning affect.

No other part of the body has more sweat glands per square inch than the feet. Wet feet can lead to maceration, sometimes skin that experiences long periods of maceration becomes vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infection. As opportunistic organisms affect the area, it may become itchy or develop a foul odor. What’s more, because the skin is so much softer, it’s also more susceptible to injury from rubbing or friction. The solution is to keep the feet dry.

Jobst Mens CasualWool is an excellent fiber to regulate moisture as well as temperature. Synthetic fibers has very good insulation qualities as well as its ability to absorb moisture. There are many other products which are used in the wicking and anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of socks. Among them are silver. Even in ancient times these silver was used as anti-fungal and antibacterial materials. Silver is woven into the garments and does not wash out.


Along with the myth of wearing cotton socks, we have the myth of wearing white socks. It was thought that the dyes used in the garment could leach and harm already compromised feet. While white socks do allow those who have diabetes or neuropathy to keep a closer eye on their feet, the dyes of today are greatly improved.

The fit of stockings and socks can and is most important. Loose fitting socks as well as socks that fit too tight can be equally detrimental. Loose fitting socks in shoes can cause wrinkles and sores. If you have shoes that were fit with thin socks, don’t try to switch to a thicker sock thinking you can give your feet a treat. This can make the shoe fit to tightly and decrease circulation.

Care of the legs is equally important as care of the feet. Good circulation in the legs is critical to healthy legs and feet. Compression stockings help in control of venous insufficiency. The stockings increase the blood flow by assisting the venous valves and help decrease edema.

So wear the right socks or stockings with the right shoes.

Remember, support socks and support stockings can make great stocking stuffers.

Hang the Stockings by the Chimney with Care and


May is National Physical Fitness and Sport Month

Now I know a lot of you are thinking, “I am doing good to get up and go out to buy groceries and do daily tasks, but the call to action from Support Hose Plus may be a little more fun than donning your tennis shoes for a walk or run around the block. This is the time of the year when the weather across the country is practically begging you to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  How about going out for a morning bird watch? The birds are so beautiful that you forget about the exercise you are getting. Or plan a day at the creek with a friend fly fishing. Just imagine the thrill of a trout hitting your fishing line.

Physical therapists are using the Nintendo Wii gaming system for rehab therapy for stroke victims, patients with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis as well as victims of car accidents. Can you imagine a wheel chair bound patient being able to ski down the mountain, drive a golf ball down the green or take on an energetic game of tennis.  Well, now they can with a game that is now enjoyed by young and old alike. No matter what your age is, exercise can strengthen your heart and your bones.  Physical activity raises energy levels and sharpens concentration. Exercise also brings down your stress level.

It seems a coincidence that May is National Bike Month. National Bike Month is a month-long event when people are encouraged to get off their couches, from behind the wheels of their cars and off the subway and onto a couple of rubber tires to enjoy the thrill and enjoyment of being out of doors. With such beautiful weather, bike as often as you can during the month (and hopefully longer). Your ride does not have to be a race, but 30 minutes spent “crusin'” around the neighborhood can strengthen your heart. Rod and I just purchased two “Cruisers” and are looking forward to some nice rides through the neighborhood and parks.

What if bicycles aren’t an option? Well, we have a product that can be used right from your own front room.

May is also National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month. Estimates indicate as many as 50 percent of Americans older than 50 will be at risk for osteoporosis fractures during their lifetimes. Osteoporosis is often called the “silent disease” because bone loss occurs without symptoms, but early diagnosis and treatment can reduce or prevent fractures from occurring. On of the best ways to prevent Osteoporosis is with weight bearing exercise such as walking. Walking in your compression socks helps keep the edema down.

Just remember when you are becoming more active, you need to continue wearing your support socks or support stockings. As for me, I will be wearing my Mediven Sheer and Soft or Mediven Comfort compression stockings and Rod will probably be wearing Sigvaris Cotton support hose. For us they are great choices because the garments are available in shorter lengths. Many other folks prefer the Jobst Ambition, Sigvaris Recovery, Juzo Silver Sole or the Mediven Thrombexin athletic support socks. Whatever your favorite support sock or stocking, be sure you have it on!

Hope you enjoy Spring!


Give Your Feet the Attention They Deserve

Time to get your feet in shape for summerSupport Hose Plus would like remind you April is Foot Health Awareness Month. The warm spring weather brings us out of our winter hibernation and we dust off our summer sandals and head out to give our footsies a pedicure. It is time for you to put your feet first and take time to inspect your feet daily and give them the attention they deserve.Each stride the average adult takes puts nearly 1000 pounds per square inch of pressure on the bottom of the feet. It is evident that nearly each one of us will suffer some type of foot pain during our lives. So it is appropriate that we stop and inspect our feet.

  • Do they hurt?
  • Are they rough, dry and calloused?
  • Are they swollen?
  • What is the appearance of the toe nails-are they discolored or brittle?

If yes, perhaps it is time that you schedule an appointment with a qualified podiatrist.

Our feet are always there to take us where we need to go. Healthy feet are fundamental to the quality of our daily life. We need to care for them so they are ready to go when we are. Don’t ignore heel pain, toe pain, corns, calluses or bunions! If your feet hurt, something is wrong. It was President Abraham Lincoln who said, “When my feet hurt, I can’t think.” Taking a walk is a great way to help in maintaining your mental and physical well-being. Walking provides the exercise needed to maintain a healthy body weight and increase circulation in the lower extremities. When you walk, wearing support socks and support stockings can help you increase your circulation.

As we have said many times before – Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

to keep them that way:Keep you mind and body healthy by walking with support socks from SupportHoseStore.com

  • Inspect your feet daily
  • Wash your feet regularly, and be sure to dry them completely with a thin cloth
  • Keep your toenails trimmed regularly straight across, but not too short
  • Always wear your support stockings every day to assist your venous system and protect your feet

We have many fine compression socks (athletic support socks) which will do just that:

  • Sigvaris Athletic Performance Sock – Athletic Performance Sock for the competitive athlete or the weekend warrior – for men and women in 20-30mmHg compression
  • Mediven Thrombexin – Cushioned sole and heel to enhance wearing comfort and Clima-Comfort fiber technology wicks the perspiration from the body – for men and women 16-20 and 20-30mmHg compression
  • Juzo Silver Sole – Diabetic friendly with pillowed sole – for those with foot problems such as foot odor or Athletes’ Foot – lo-cut, crew and knee styles for men and women in 12-16mmHg
  • Jobst forMen Ambition – Seamless toe with dri release for superior moisture management and 360 degree cushioned foot for greater wearing comfort – for men and women in 15-20, 20-30, and 30-40mmHg compression
  • Sigvaris Recovery Sock – Active therapy – active recovery – for men and women in 15-20mmHg compression
  • Sigvaris Cotton – 25% Egyptian Cotton – 100% cotton skin contact –ideal for those with sensitive skin – double-wrapped spandex yarns feel soft to the touch and provide durability 20-30 and 30-40mmHg for men and women
  • Jobst SensiFoot – Another great sock for the Diabetic with non-constricting gradient compression – flat, soft, non-irritating toe seam – moisture-wicking fibers help keep your feet dry – an antimicrobial finish inhibits fungal and bacterial growth on the sock in mini-crew, crew and knee high styles for men and women
  • Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton Socks – 80% supima cotton-naturally breathable, soft and hypo-allergenic – draws moisture away from the skin – soft, cushioned sole, heel and toe – flat,low-friction toe seams – diabetic friendly – 142 for women and 182 for men 15-20mmHg compression

Thanks for shopping SupportHosePlus.com,

Welcome to the Holidays from SupportHosePlus.com

Welcome to the Holiday season once again. We would like to take this chance to thank all of you for your patronage. It has been a pleasure to provide you with the highest quality in products to meet your compression stocking needs. Thank you for referring us to all of your friends and family. It is important to us knowing that we are able to make your shopping experience pleasant and informative.

It has been a great year at Support Hose Plus with us being able to bring in many new products. Including; a new athletic Performance Sock from Sigvaris, the new Mediven for Men, which helps to supply support to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the new Mediven Comfort, the new patterned Jewel stocking from Sigvaris, the new soft Opaque from Sigvaris, the addition of Diamond Patterned, open-toe and navy colors to the Jobst UltraSheer support hose line and the addition of new fall and winter colors in the Juzo Soft line in the next few weeks. Many of these new products came about by your suggestions. Thank you and keep those product requests coming.

In the upcoming year we are looking forward to bringing you our new website which will include many new products that we hope will more extensively fulfill your compression needs.

Every year I like to share one of my favorite fall recipes. Below you will find one of my favorite stuffed pork chops with apples which are still very good this time of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and may God bless you.

Brent, Aaron, Vanda and Rod Lancour
and all of the Support Hose Plus team



Apple and Herb Stuffed Pork Chops


Apple Herb Stuffed Pork Chops from SupportHoseStore.com4 Thick Strips of Bacon -Diced
2 Tablespoons Butter
2 Apples –Peeled and Diced
1 Yellow Onion –Peeled and Diced
1 Small Fennel Bulb –Cleaned and Diced
½ Tablespoon Grated Ginger
½ Tablespoon Chopped Garlic
½ Cup Panko or Non-toasted Plain Dried Bread Crumbs
½ Cup Chicken Stock or Broth
2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ Cup Sugar
½ Teaspoon Salt
1/8 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
½ Tablespoon Fresh Chopped Thyme
½ Tablespoon Fresh Chopped Rosemary
½ Tablespoon Fresh Chopped Sage

6 Thick Cut Pork Loin Chops Bone-in about 1½ inches thick seasoned with Salt and Pepper

For the Stuffing:

Peel and dice the apples. Remove and discard the top and core of the fennel, then dice the fennel.  Sauté the bacon in butter over medium heat until cooked but not crisp. Next, add the apples, onions, fennel, ginger and garlic. Cook over low heat until soft. Remove from heat and fold in the remaining ingredients. This stuffing is best if prepared a day in advance and refrigerated.

Pork Chops:

Turn your pork chops onto their end and cut a full pocket in the side all the way to the bone. Stuff each chop with ½ cup of stuffing. Cook at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes. Rotate pan and cook for another 10-15 minutes or until the internal temperature next to the bone measures 145-150 degrees F. This is great served with some nice herb crusted roasted potatoes and sautéed green beans.


Support hose have certainly come a long way!  In the past several years, support stockings have improved dramatically!  Whether you call them hose, stockings, or socks, all terms apply.  Because now we have the ability to choose between so many different types, that you do not have to sacrifice your fashion for your comfort, or your comfort for your fashion, no matter what type of shoe you wear every day, and no matter what type of activity you are performing. null carries the four major manufacturers of support hose just so you will have a choice.

Sigvaris Athletic Performance Sock

Did you know that there are compression stockings available for every facet of your life?  There is stylish leg therapy and comfortable leg therapy; they are now one in the same! There is a stocking to go with every pair of shoes you own.  There is a stocking to match almost every outfit you have in your closet.  There are athletic socks available for different athletic activities, also some for daily wear, some for performance with extra padding over the Achilles tendon and some for wearing post-exercise for lactic acid reduction (recovery).

Jobst Patterned UltraSheer Thigh High StockingThere are knee high, knee high with silicone band at the top to help to keep it in place, thigh high, thigh high with patterns,  waist high, chap-style, men’s leotards, control top, non-control top, stockings with silver fibers interwoven for antibacterial/antimicrobial use, dress socks, athletic socks, sheer stockings which are more durable and patterned. This list goes on and on with lots of different shades of beige, suntan, mocha, black, off-black, sand, white, off-white, navy, gray, brown, and khaki.

For Women: 

  • Sheer (Panty Hose,Thigh Highs, Knee Highs)
  • Trouser Socks and Patterned Trouser Socks
  • Patterned for Special Occasions
  • Athletic Socks (durable and woven with dri-release yarns)
  • Athletic Performance and Athletic Recovery Socks
  • Opaque (soft and durable) Knee High, Thigh High, Waist High)
  • Stockings and Socks Woven with Silver for Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Use
  • Maternity
  • Chap-Style



For Men:

Medi For Men

  • Dress Socks Knee and Thigh High (Ribbed, Smooth, Ample in Heel and Toe, Designed Specifically for Men). Some are Anatomically Designed with a Labeled Left and Right Sock
  • Casual Socks Some with a Touch of Wool
  • Athletic Socks (Durable and Woven with Dri-release Yarns)
  • Athletic Performance and Athletic Recovery Socks
  • Men’s Leotards
  • Chap-Style
  • Stockings and Socks with Silver for Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Use

Compression stockings should not only do their job, but they should look great, be relevant, and look appropriate, too.The Certified Fitters at Support Hose Plus will be glad to assist you and your friends in the ins and outs of compression stockings. As you know, SupportHosePlus.com carries all the major brands of support hose, so regardless of the size or height of the person we will be able to fit them in the correct stockings.

Most people own at least several different styles for different daily activities.

For instance, you wear a higher compression pantyhose for daily wear at the office, but you would love to have a pair of patterned trouser socks for periodic use, or use with your new fashion boots, or you need a pair for that special weekend coming up or the wedding you are attending. You can certainly wear a lighter compression for a few hours for something special. This is much better than going without compression – you’ll feel better physically and feel better knowing you have some compression. Say, someone typically wears a 20-30mmHg waist high pantyhose for every day wear. Most of the time, underneath pants, someone may wear a more durable opaque hose. You will also need to own at least one sheer pair for special occasions, and, of course, knee high socks, the athletic type, for wear with tennis shoes or boots. The athletic type knee high has a great release sewn into the top so they do not cut off circulation around the knee bend. There are several compressions available in the athletic sock. You may also want a pair of thigh highs for warmer days when you need more air circulation.

The combination of garments to meet your needs is endless. The bottom line is, there are more colors and fabrics available now than ever before in compression stockings. Support Hose Plus wants you to know that we are here to help you meet all of your compression garment needs.
Thanks for shopping at SupportHosePlus.com,



Active Socks For Life

Active Socks for Life from SupportHoseStore.comFor the Casual Walker, Weekend  Warrior, and Professional Athlete

Over the last several years, the major manufacturers, Jobst, Mediven and Sigvaris, have been developing special socks for the active person, so they can have a more active life style through exercising.  Before these socks came to the market, people with leg swelling could no longer participate in exercise programs; because of the pain they had to endure to participate in these activities.  When such a person tried to walk for 30 minutes, it would increase the swelling and the associated leg pain.

Now we have compression stockings to assist in eliminating these problems.  This is accomplished with a sock that looks like an athletic sock and not a support stocking. These socks relieve leg discomfort from tired, achy legs during and after activities.

The newest athletic socks come from Sigvaris.  Sigvaris has introduced their Sigvaris Active Athletic Recovery Socks from SupportHoseStore.comActive Therapy series of athletic socks, including the Sigvaris Recovery and the Sigvaris Performance. In order to improve their athletic performance, competitive athletes use compression on varying parts of the body, depending on the sport.  First is the Sigvaris Recovery Sock for use after athletic activities to eliminate the pain resulting from the build up of lactic-acid in the muscles of the competitive athlete or weekend warrior. The Recovery sock promotes lactic acid flush–out and, as a recovery sock, relieves delayed onset muscle soreness by increasing circulation.


Sigvaris has also brought to market the new High- Tech to be used during athletic activities, which increases oxygen to the muscle tissue as well as promotes lactic acid flush-out.  This sock should prove itself to be the superior Performance Sock. The sock comes in 20-30mmHg compression, in multiple colors.

All of these compression stockings offer gradient compression, which acts with your muscles to provide a squeeze of the venous system.  With gradient compression stockings, the compression is greatest at the ankle and lessens as you go up the leg. Your heart is a one-way muscle, which pushes the blood through the body.  Your venous system in the legs and arms has valves that are opened and closed because of the muscle system squeeze.  As this system weakens, compression assists the muscles to get the blood flow back to the heart. For the athlete or the weekend warrior the improved blood flow provides oxygen and nutrients to the muscles which assists in muscle regeneration and decreases lactic acid buildup. Of course, all of the socks are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

You can learn more about these socks by calling one of our certified fitters on our toll-free number, 1-844-472-8807.



The Epidemic of Leg Swelling

Pitting edema can be seen in thin as well as heavy patients.  Support hose and exercise can help you

In the last few years, life style changes such as increases in rapid transit, work hours, and family involvement has brought about the demise of going for nice walks. This has been detrimental to our leg health. Physicians 10 years ago saw 1 of 10 patients with pitting edema. Today it is 8 out of 10 patients who otherwise seem to be healthy have pitting edema. This is in thin as well as heavy patients. Even though our understanding of the venous system has increased and our physician’s diagnostic tools have become better, the incidents of deep vein thrombosis has not lowered.

It is imperative that we promote a restoration of walking to our activities of daily living as a foundation of leg health and to reverse the epidemic of leg swelling. The calf muscle is a secondary pump to the heart to aid in returning the venous blood to the heart for re-oxygenation. The key to getting the most out of this secondary pump is to have a good walk (two miles a day) with unrestricted ankle range of motion at a moderate pace on a relatively flat surface.  This will allow for greatest “pump” from the calf muscle.

Increase walking activity to reduce the epidemic of leg swelling

Dr Dean Wasserman of the Vein Treatment Center of New Jersey believes a patient’s understanding and compliance with wearing compression stockings is key to the results obtained with Sclerotherapy which he performs. He also believes that while wearing compression stockings and walking will not cure venous insufficiency, moderate walks of 2 miles a day with good heel to toe action will enable his patients to “walk off” their edema within an average of 2 weeks.

If you cannot walk because of joint pain, please try riding a bicycle, which will eliminate the impact to your feet or joints. You will still receive the added calf pump action which assists in the blood flow plus you get the added benefit of seeing the neighborhood scenery by going thru the parks with bicycle paths and you will probably be able to meet other people doing the same thing.

The increase in leg swelling is subtle and menacing. Even though we hear much about incidents of edema), we are failing to actively participate in our own leg health by getting more exercise. No matter what we do for exercise, anything is better than being a couch potato and watching television.  Our sedate lifestyles have lead to many physical health problems and shorter healthy lives. Being overweight is one of the most dangerous things we can do to our bodies!  Obesity leads to heart problems, diabetes, and many other diseases.  So let’s wear our support hose and get out there and reverse the epidemic of leg swelling and by walking or bicycling!!