Hope for Lymphedema Patients

A few weeks ago I heard about a lymphedema patient here in the US and I knew at that time that I had to share her story with you.

Jennifer had lymphedema of her right leg for over ten years. She had Complete Decompression Therapy (CDT), she wore compression garments during the day, and her night time compression garments at night. No matter how hard she tried and no matter how compliant she was her lymphedema progressed. She began searching for a surgeon who had the expertise to do lymph node transplants. Jennifer found her surgeon in New York.

Jennifer had the surgery 2 years ago in May. They removed 3 lymph nodes from the left thorax (not axilla) and transplanted them to the right groin. A year later she had a Lymph MRI which showed the lymph nodes which were transplanted and the very beginnings of lymph vessels. This was really exciting!

In March of this year she had her 2nd MRI. There were actually 5 lymph nodes in her right groin including the 3 transplanted nodes. Two lymphatic vessels were connected and growing. The vessel was about 1 mm in diameter and reaches half way down to the knee! Her physician considered this likened to a Highway! Her foot is no longer as swollen as it was and the ankle is beginning to show some shape. The tissue is beginning to soften, the fluid is movable and mushy, and the tissue no longer feels fibrotic.

Jennifer has progressed to bike rides, long walks and swimming. The physicians are considering a second lymph node transplant to the ankle area and some minor liposuction to remove fat deposits on the outside of the leg which was a result of the lymphedema. Jennifer also continues with MLD message therapy (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) to wake up the newly transplanted nodes and encourage the growth of new vessels. The MRIs she has had done are very valuable to the therapist because they visualize the lymph nodes and vessels and the therapist knows exactly where the fluid needs to be moved.

Her problems are definitely not ended, but there is now hope that someday she may lead a normal life.

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Looking forward to more news in the field of Lymphedema,