Life With Compression Stockings – Wear And Care

Life With Compression Stockings

Apply lotion to your legs in the evening. Applying moisturizers to your legs before putting the stockings on can make it very difficult to put them on (don) and may also cause thigh high stockings to slide down.

Put on your stockings when you get up each day before you are up and about. This will help prevent fluid from accumulating in your legs before you put your stockings on.

Wear your stockings whenever you are out of bed.  Walk often. Practice routine periods of leg elevation. Remember wearing the stockings is only one of the steps you can take.

General Tips for Donning

Wearing compression stockings may take some adjustment. These tips are included to help make that adjustment easier.

Wearing rubber type gloves will help you grip the stocking and help prevent rips, runs, or holes from forming in the stocking. Special assistive devices such as a stocking donner, donning gloves, and butler off (for removing)  as well as satin foot cover or foot slip for open-toe may be purchased from Support Hose Plus.

Hold your stocking with the heel up.  Place your hand in the stocking and grasp the stocking right above the heel pocket.  Turn the top of the stocking back so that you are at the opening to the foot.  Place your thumbs on each side of the heel pocket.  Place your foot [toes pointed if possible] in the stocking pull until you can pop the heel pocket over your heel. Never use the fingernails to pull on the stockings. With knee high and thigh garments never pull on top band.

Donning1Fold the stocking back onto itself, grab at the sides at the top of the fold and pull towards your body.  Repeat the fold back and pulling procedure again until the garment is positioned correctly on your leg.  If you have used a satin foot cover (foot slip which may not be provided with garments) remove it through the toe opening.


Smooth out any wrinkles and adjust the heel and ankle area for comfort.  The top of knee-high stockings should be two finger widths below the crease at the back of your knee. Thigh-high stockings should be two finger widths below your groin. You may find you may need to pull gently on the toe box two or three times a day to give your toes a little room.

If you are putting the stockings on someone else, stand beside them and pull the stockings on as though you were pulling them on yourself.  It is easier to pull than push.

Stockings will wrinkle and move throughout the day. Check your stockings periodically to smooth out any wrinkles. Should your garment wrinkle at the ankle, stockings or socks should be folded down and re-stretched. Never just pull just on the top of the garment.

Remove your stockings before going to bed. The stockings your physician has recommended may not be intended to be worn while you are lying down for more than one hour. Check with your physician.

If you are wearing thigh high stockings, the inside of the silicone band may need to be wiped with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol once a week.  This will help restore the stickiness of the silicone so the stockings will stay up.

Hand or machine-wash (in a laundry bag) with warm water and Era, Tide Free or All Free laundry detergent.  These are non-phosphate detergents. Use no chlorine bleach and no fabric softener.  Rinse your garment in warm water, blot dry in a towel (never wring), dry in a dryer on low heat or delicate setting.  Garments should be laundered after each wearing and remember warm water (105 degrees) is your stockings best friend.  It helps restore the memory of the yarn.

Replacing your stockings
The elastic fibers of your gradient compression stockings will break down with wear. Proper care will increase the “life” span of your stockings, but you will need to replace your stockings at least every 3-4 months. Your fitter may remind you to check your stockings. As a general rule, if your stockings become easy to put on, they probably need to be replaced.

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